What became of the words

That fell from the sun into her hands

Fifty colours like fifty thousand prisms

Raining rainbows around her wretchedness?


She stumbled through puddles of delight

And skipped with her heartbeat in a skipping rope

They ate sweets and played games like they were children

She had never been a child before

But she felt as though she’d known him

When hands were little and dreams were enormous

And the years together had weathered them to form ‘us’

When nothing in the world felt quite as wonderful

As catching his words, the colours from the sun.


The moon around the earth did roam

For many years the sun she did not meet

But time was kind to them and soon

A moment came so rare a greeting

Her soft circumference swooped across his path

He held his moon before him then

And they belonged

Seeing nothing but each other

As she reflected the warmth

and the colour

that fell from the sun.


But now below the grass isn’t green anymore

And sitting alone there with eyes to the floor

Is the girl with broken skipping rope

No colour and no hope

To ever match the wonder of the moon…

Faded maroon fills the room with failure

She taps the glass half empty

(because you didn’t like hot drinks)

And she thinks about the colours that your rooms will not be painted

The ivory will never be, now every word is tainted

The only blue’s that seem to match

Is the colour of her bruises and the pill she tries to swallow

To hollow out the lump inside her throat

She gulps it down and looks above

In love the sun and moon as one

A dance of colour that none below can witness

And only shades of grey are left to swim through

The girl, no more a child to play

Is cold in heart and lips to pray

And colder and older she grows in time

And dreams of rainbows raining around her wretchedness

As there in the fog and in the mist

She longs for the colours behind the eclipse.


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